Opportunities in Nigeria; Why Now & How 2017



Date: 25th March, 2017

Venue: Hilton Canary Wharf, South Quays, Marsh Wall, London E14 9SH

Time: 5pm Prompt

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The Nigerian Naira has witnessed unique weakening against major currencies such as Great British Pounds in the foreign exchange parallel market, this has made Nigeria even more attractive to discerning investors especially Nigerians living and working in diaspora.

This event shall showcase numerous ‘real-time’ opportunities and how they can be realized. They include:


  1. Well built houses within secure managed estates in various key Nigerian cities for those wishing to have personal property that are free from encroachment and encumbrances.

  2. We shall show you the profitability analysis of Real Estate in Nigeria despite the weakening of the Nigerian Naira.

  3. How Nigerians living and working outside Nigeria can access Mortgage facilities.

  4. How you can pay 50% of the value of the property (within 6 months) and take occupation of the property while you spread the balance 50% over 3 years.

  5. Facility Management services by reputable Facility Managers for home owners who want their properties in Nigeria professionally managed. This professional management includes; Tenant Vetting, Rent Collection, Repairs and Upgrades.

  6. Rent-to-Own Scheme is now available in Nigeria; we shall show you what this scheme is all about and how you can access it.

Focus shall continue to be on SAFETY and SECURITY of the opportunities that we present at the event.



This event is convened by Arete Copious Services Limited and the CEO, Catherine O. Enaohwo shall be giving insight into the opportunities alongside other renowned industry expert speakers at the event.


Real-Time Projects and opportunities that are currently available for sale by the following vetted developers:

  1. Estate Links Limited

  2. UACN Property Development Company Limited

  3. NatanelFlorens

  4. Brains & Hammers Development Limited

  5. Aso Savings & Loans Limited

  6. Divention Properties Limited

  7. Private Estate Properties Limited

  8. Prime Water View

  9. Property Mart

  10. Trust Bond Mortgage Bank


About Us 

Arete Copious Services Limited (ACS) is a research and consulting firm providing individual and institutional clients with independent custom-tailored guidance on numerous opportunities and how they can be realized.


We believe Knowledge is Power! We also believe clients can only take advantage of opportunities they are aware of and understand. Our role is to ensure that clients are kept enlightened and abreast with opportunities as they become available. A client’s decision to decline an opportunity should be by CHOICE and not as a result of inadequate understanding or knowledge of it.